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Nebraska Election Results

November 8, 2006

Grade C+

Most of the issues that faced the voters of Nebraska this year were again not covered well by the national and local media.  Just in case you missed it, here is what the voters decided.  I’ve only posted the issues that mattered most to me.  For a complete update on state election results, visit  As is usual, do not expect the Omaha World Herald to report (or care about) any local or county issues on the ballot in rural Nebraska.

U.S. Senate Race – Nelson (D) 64%

Governor – Heineman (R) 74%
U.S. House District 1 – Fortenberry (R) 59%
U.S. House District 2 – Terry (R) 55%
U.S. House District 3 – Smith (R) 55%

Measure 421 (Video Keno) – No 61%

Measure 422 (Small Schools) – No 56%

Measure 423 (Spending Cap) – No 70%

Ben NelsonI give the results a C+ because I agree with most of the election results.  However, Nebraskans had the opportunity to unseat Ben Nelson and effect the National political landscape by keeping Republicans in charge of the Senate.  Instead our largely Republican state chose to re-elect a man who will vote for democratic Senate leadership.  If we end up with another wishy-washy Supreme Court Justice like David Souter, I better not hear anyone who voted for Ben Nelson complain.  It’s your fault.