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Fencing…Not Just a Sport Anymore

November 16, 2006


Saudi Arabia Announced Tuesday that it will forge ahead with construction of a fence to seal it’s boarder with Iraq.  It went further, stating that Iraq is the primary source of terror in the region, and the fence will help protect against it’s spread.  The intention is to prevent the entry of Islamic Militants and Illegal Immigrants.


The same thing must be done on our southern boarder.  I don’t know why it is difficult for the United States citizenrey to understand that people crossing our southern boarder without going through the proper checks is the single largest hole we have in defending the homeland against attack.  Of course, the entire crisis is not fixed with a fence, but it’s a good start.

 In order to have any decent progress on immigration reform in this country, one of two things need to happen.  We either need to construct a fence (or find some other way of keeping them out), or concede that every 20 years or so the President will have to sign an amnesty bill granting all illegal immigrants amnesty.  A fence along the Southern boarder would ensure that immigration laws were followed.  Any new legislation, be it a guest worker program, less stringent immigration laws, or a no tolerance policy, must start with control of the population flow across the boarder. 

Granting amnesty every 20 years is not the answer.  Obviously, the Regan administration did nothing but encourage illegal immigrants to flock to this country when it granted amnesty the first time.  Why should we repeat mistakes?  Immigration policies must be in place in order to control the number and type of people we receive into our nation.  An open boarder is not practical, or wise.

It is unfathomable to me that as Washington continues to debate about what to do on illegal immigration, Saudi Arabia will be constructing their fence.