The Sky is Falling!

On the night before Democrats took control of both the House and the Senate, the gods seemed to be a little angrier than usual.  In Denver, people stared in awe as objects reported as either metors or space junk hurtled through the atmosphere.  In New Jersey, a family discovered that a mysterious object (reportedly from space) hurtled through the roof, skipped off the floor and embedded itself into a wall.  Finally, a record snowfall engulfs Ancorage Alaska.

My conclusion is that Nancy Pelosi is the Devil, and God is now punishing us for putting her into power.  Of course, there are other conclusions one could draw from these strange events; all happening less than 24 hours prior to Democrats regaining control of Congress…?

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2 Comments on “The Sky is Falling!”

  1. Fred Jackson Says:

    However bad the weather may become, as long as our lord and savior is nearby we will all be ok…

    Click for video

    If that link doesn’t work, try this one:

  2. reportcard Says:

    Yet another sign that the end is near.

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