The First 100

As the clock ticks down to January 4th, when Democrats take control of the House and Senate, they are reminded of their “First 100 Hours” promises.  Those that may stand in the way of accomplishing Pelosi’s promises are not only Republicans, but anti-war Democrats as well.  Protesters lead by Cindy Sheehan, demanding that the Democrats cut funding for the war and bring the troops home beforedoing anything else, showed up during the Democrats press conference on lobby reform today.  They were so disruptive, that the intended speaker actually gave up and left the room. 

Pelosi has made many promises for the Democrats first 100 hours in control, but cutting funding and bringing the troops home was not one of them.  Will the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party keep the party from acting on the things they actually promised in the First 100 Hours?  Probably not.  Will they be very, very unhappy when they see that bringing the troops home is not the Democrats first priority?  Absolutely.  Will the American people see that the Democrats may be rendered ineffective by extremist elements they happily embrace during campaign fund raisers?  Time will tell.

 Let’s examine what Pelosi has promised for the First 100 Hours of the Democratically controlled Congress.  The first two are what would be considered the minimum.  The rest have been labeled as “if we have time”.

  1. Put new rules into place to break the link between lobbyists and legislation
  2. Enact ALL the recommendations made by the commission that investigated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001
  3. Raise the Minimum Wage
  4. Cut Interest Rates on Student Loans in Half
  5. Allow government to directly negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to get a better price for medicare recipients
  6. Broaden stem cell research
  7. Pay as you go spending policy – no deficit increase

It will be interesting to watch the effectiveness of the Democrats over the next 100 hours, stay tuned for results.

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6 Comments on “The First 100”

  1. Fred Jackson Says:

    The first order of business should be to get everyone there on time, and in the session to particpate, discuss and vote. Below are links to the first votes of the house and senate from 2006, a total of 10 congressmen and 3 senators failed to make it, for some maybe it was a late night watching bowl games (click my name above…) but it is still unexcusable!

    First House Vote

    First Senate Vote

    I propose a CSPAN press conference by Pelosi after the first house vote to publicize which congressmen from which districs and which parties failed to get to work on time, since in essence they work for the american people, we should expect them to show up on time and that way maybe *something* gets done in the 2007 sessions regardless of the “first 100” list presented previously.

  2. reportcard Says:

    Good point Fred Jackson:

    The Democrats have set their own standards by which they should be judged, but that doesn’t mean we have to judge them by the same standard. One would think that showing up on time would be implied; obviously that is not the case.

    I will continue to watch the first 100 hours progress to see if they can meet their own standards of success, but we should all watch the little things (like showing up on time) more closely as well.

    One quick question: Does this mean that Ted Kennedy has to show up sober as well…or just on time? I think it would be more likely that he could accomplish the latter.

  3. Fred Jackson Says:

    Looks like all are accounted for, and the dems may have something going for them:

    As far as sobriety, you and I both know that Kennedy’s best decisions have been made while under the influence. See Chappaquiddick as well as views on Alternative Energy linked below:

    Therefore, having him under the influence can only strengthen the 202 minority’s influence and should be encouraged by all concerned republicans.

  4. Fred Jackson Says:

    Spoke too soon!!! On what appears to be the last vote of the day 8 representatives including 2 dems were not available to vote, so clearly our plan to cause bladder problems due to excessive alcohol worked!!!

    They are already acting like the website you get to when you click on my name…

  5. Fundraisers Says:

    mmm, how much does this blog software cost? if i may ask.

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