SMU Expected To Receive Presidential Library

SMU's Dallas Hall

A little after 3:00 pm (EST) The Drudge Report provided a letter from SMU President R. Gerald Turner regarding the current status of the George W. Bush Presidential Library Selection Process.  The Letter Reads:

December 21, 2006
TO: SMU Students, Faculty and Staff
FROM: R. Gerald Turner, President

It is my pleasure to inform you that Don Evans, Chairman of the George W. Bush Presidential Library Search Committee, notified us that SMU has been selected by the Committee for the next phase of planning discussions. These discussions will begin after the first of the year.

We do not know how long these discussions will take. However, any significant announcement concerning the process will come from Chairman Evans. Today at 2:30 pm SMU is hosting a press availability to which Trustees and the campus community are invited. The press availability will be held in the Hughes-Trigg Ballroom.

We are obviously delighted to have reached this final stage of the selection process.

This is not the first time that SMU has been in the running for a Presidential Library.  It was also considered as a location for the George H. W. Bush library.  An honor that was eventually bestowed upon Texas A&M University in College Station. 

As an alumni of Southern Methodist University, I will be proud to have the George W. Bush Presidential Library at my former school.  Should SMU receive the final approval, it will be a fantastic addition to an already phenomenal campus. 

SMU Main Campus Entrance 

Some of SMU’s other well know institutions include the Cox School of Business, which is consistently rated as one of the top Business Schools in the World.  Meadows School of the Arts is nationally recognized for it’s Theatre, Dance, and Music curriculum.  SMU is also home to a wide variety of Centers & Institutes Including:  The Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility, Temerlin Advertising Institute, Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship, London Forum, John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies, and the Center for the Advanced Study and Practice of Evangelism.

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4 Comments on “SMU Expected To Receive Presidential Library”

  1. Rex Says:

    You’re an alumnus, not alumni. Alumni refers to the first person plural form of the word. A male graduate is an alumus, a female alumnae. When you’re talking about multiple graduates, alumni is correct.

    Back on topic, while I would also appreciate the GB Library on campus, I do feel the faculty have a point (which they so eloquently stated in their letter, linked below).

  2. reportcard Says:


    As to you comments regarding my use of the English language, particularly the word “alumni”, please read my About” page. As you are new to the site, I will ignore your breech in protocol.

    As to the GWB library: SMU is normally considered a conservative school, based on the political beliefs of the student population. However, the faculty is predominantly liberal. Therefore, it does not surprise me that they would protest the addition of the George W. Bush library using the same liberal talking points that have been used so effectively in recent months to discredit him.

    The eloquence of the statement to which you refer is nothing more than dribble that has been floating around on liberal blog sites for months. Don’t get me wrong, Bush has made mistakes, and we are paying for them. However, asking that SMU turn down his presidential library because they disagree with his politics is irrational hatred, and exemplifies the kind of recent liberal behavior that should be publicly and privately rebuked.

  3. vijtable Says:

    I think the faculty make a valid point, whatever their biases. This has less, to me, to do with politics, and more to do with policies. In my mind, many of those policies ran counter to what America is about. From what Rex linked above, it looks like the faculty felt that way too.

    Since the country’s founding, a central tenet has been that war is a purely defensive/protective act. Indeed, some offensive wars have been sold as defensive (Vietnam comes to mind), but that has been the standard by which war was waged.

    The repudiation of this doctrine by creating the doctrine of preemption is itself something Americans can (and should) have serious problems with. And the dubious sale of the particular war for which the doctrine was created, the Iraq War, only adds to legitimate worries.

    Taking as a given here that a presidential library celebrates the president for whom it is named, more or less… Would I, as a representative of my campus, want a library that celebrates a president (who rejected both military and empirical bases for war) ALSO representing my campus? No.

    I don’t think it’s too much for someone to say, “I don’t want something that celebrates someone who abhors my definition of American to represent my campus.” In fact, it may very well be more patriotic to say something than to keep silent.

    At least, that’s what I would do (and believe) if I were a faculty member there.

  4. reportcard Says:


    Thank you for your comments. They are, as always, very well written and presented; and very much appreciated. I find your point on historically defensive vs. preemptive war particularly effective. I can see how those professors at SMU might take the establishment of the GWB Presidential library as the celebration of a President and, therefore, his policies.

    I do believe there is an element in our country, however, that would like nothing more than to see the GWB Presidential library built on a scrap heap, or a landfill (insert worse possible place you can think of here) simply because they hate the man and his policies. I may have rushed to judgment on the SMU faculty, thinking they were part of this crowd. For it is here I draw the line.

    I will expand upon this line in a post published later today. Please feel free to review it and let me know if you agree or disagree.

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